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Approved and Adopted Policies Governing the Use of Kitchens, Fellowship Hall and Family Life Center

  1. An Event Scheduling form is to be submitted to the church office as soon as possible for scheduling on the church calendar. Your request can also be made online at under the Form tab. The church office will contact you with your confirmation.
  2. Advance reservations for non-members & sports teams can be made beginning on August 1st prior to the upcoming period of September – August. Church members receive priority when reserving the facility. In the event the facility is reserved by a non-member, the member’s reservation takes priority if request is made at least one month prior to date of use. The Building and Grounds Team has final decision on requests.
  3. The person making the reservation must be present during use of the facility.
  4. All small groups are encouraged to use the older Fellowship Hall.
  5. For Sunday use, the Family Life Center cannot begin setup before 1:00pm in order to maintain a secured environment for Kids Worship.
  6. No food or garbage is to be left in kitchens, FLC or Fellowship Hall. Either double bag your trash before taking to the outside container or use containers provided to avoid leaks and spills on the floors.
  7. Leave any food in sealed containers marked accurately with contents, date and your name. If food is left for an extended period of time, it will be discarded.
  8. Leave all dirty dish clothes in a container marked for this purpose. If you take cloths home to wash return promptly.
  9. After each event, you are required to clean all equipmentused including sinks, floors, chairs and tables.
  10. Each group, other than church events/ministries will furnish their own supplies (plates, cups, napkins, knives, forks, spoons, etc.)
  11. If microwave, tea canisters or coffee makers are used, they are to be cleaned after each use.
  12. If you need to borrow tables and chairs (only the old metal chairs and tables) contact the Church Office.
  13. Spills should be cleaned up as soon as possible. If you are unable to clean effectively, contact a Building and Grounds team member. Do not use unauthorized cleaning methods or products.
  14. Check and double-check electrical appliances, lighting and such before leaving the area. This includes making sure freezers and refrigerator doors are closed and sealed appropriately.
  15. As a good steward, always leave your work area as clean as or cleaner than the way you found it.
  16. If decorations are to be used, contact a member who is assigned to manage the decorations. If you use decorations, return them in good condition. If any decorations are used completely or damaged, contact the member so these items can be replaced.
  17. Keep our kitchens, FLC and Fellowship Hall sanitary and safe for all to use after you have benefited from its use.
  18. A donation of $400.00 for a wedding or reception will be expected from non-member, non-sponsored groups using the Family Life Center. Pastoral discretion on other groups.
  19. A donation of $25.00 per hour will be expected for the use of the facility by non-members & sports teams. In the event of rental by sports teams, invoices will be sent on a monthly basis with payment to be made by the 10th of the month. If a date is reserved & needs to be canceled, the church office must be contacted 30 days in advance in order to avoid the charge.
  20. Sponsored non-member users will be charged for the repair of damages caused by their group.

(Updated 12/10/2017)

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