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Sandy Ridge
Baptist Church
Sunday Mornings: 9:09 Small Group & 10:30 Assembly
Sunday Evenings: 6:00 Evening Worship
Wednesdays: Prayer Meeting @ 6:30
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Everyone is welcome to attend Sandy Ridge Baptist Church and participate in the services, Bible studies and fellowship activities without regard for whether they are members or not. For those seeking to become a part of the voting membership the church’s requirements are listed below. These requirements are not intended to appear judgmental but are necessary precautionary to preserve ministry integrity. Only church members can serve in positions of leadership, oversight, and instruction for the protection of the ministry.

Candidates for adult membership will:

  • Give evidence of regeneration through faith in the Gospel of Jesus;
  • Be baptized by immersion after being born-again;
  • Commit to abiding by the Church Covenant as found in the Church Constitution
  • Agree to the Doctrine as expressed in the 2000 Baptist Faith and Message
  • Complete a membership class (Starting Point);
  • Publicly present themselves at an invitation following a worship service.

Church membership is approved by a majority vote of the congregation during regularly scheduled business meetings. Candidates are notified in writing when their membership has been approved by the church.

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