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The bride, groom or either of their respective parents must be members in good standing of Sandy Ridge Baptist Church in order to use the church facilities; members in good standing are those members who faithfully attend the corporate worship services on the church. By exception, faithful members of like-minded Baptist churches may use the facilities when requested by their pastor. The Senior Pastor will approve these exceptions. In those cases, the wedding party must adhere to Sandy Ridge Baptist’s Wedding Policies. All parties must be in agreement with the Sandy Ridge Baptist Church beliefs. All those getting married in these facilities who are not members must be otherwise eligible for membership at Sandy Ridge.

The Coordinator

The wedding coordinator must communicate regularly with the Senior Pastor and/or his administrative assistant regarding timetable and major plans once usage of the facilities has been approved. Considerations include (among others) the saved state and spiritual walk of those desiring marriage, their faithfulness as in the above paragraph, and the calendar.

The Pastor

Only members of Sandy Ridge’s pastoral staff may perform weddings on the church campus. Exceptions may be made for local pastors in close association with SRBC in doctrine and fellowship as approved by the Senior Pastor.

Pre-Marital Counseling

The officiating pastor reserves the right to require pre-marital counseling.


The music to be used in the ceremony should be that which honors God, and for that reason most secular music is not appropriate. The Senior or Worship Pastor may approve special wedding songs and some love songs. It is your responsibility to contact the Senior or Worship Pastor to get the music selections approved. All music selections must be approved.


All clothing by any participant in the wedding is subject to the approval of the Senior Pastor of Sandy Ridge Baptist Church in matters pertaining to modesty, appropriateness, and distinct in its gender identity.


The Sandy Ridge representatives within the wedding party are responsible for the cleanliness of the facility following the wedding and are likewise responsible for any damages to any Sandy Ridge Baptist Church property.

Alcoholic Beverages

No alcoholic beverages can be served on the church premises at anytime. No wedding or rehearsal will be conducted when any member of the wedding party or guest present is under the influence of alcohol. NO wedding will be conducted if alcoholic beverages are served at either the rehearsal dinner or wedding reception, even if held away from the church. If a toast is to be made, use only the punch that is served at the wedding. Please refrain from using anything that resembles alcohol (i.e. the use of nonalcoholic beverage that resembles champagne or wine.) It is your responsibility to make sure none of this occurs.

Marriage License

The marriage license must be turned in to the officiating Pastor at least one week prior to the wedding.

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